Logging on our server

Every time a user visits our site, certain data will be logged. Examples of what we log are the requested page, IP address, timestamp. This data is only used to investigate problems with the site and won't be linked to any personally identifiable information. In case of abuse (including but not limited to hacking attempts), these data can be shared with the authorities.


Under certain circumstances, the site uses session cookies, which enable it to remember certain choices you made. The data from these cookies isn't processed by us and aren't used to track you on other sites.

Other cookies may be placed by Google Analytics (see below).

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics to get data about the number of visitors the site gets and which pages are popular. We use the data to optimize our site and make it as relevant as possible to our target audience.

To ensure your privacy, we configured Google Analytics so your full IP address isn't stored by Google.